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June 12, 2018 - Stewardship Group Meeting Summary

June 12, 2018 at 02:00 pm

San Diego Accountable Community for Health Stewardship Group Meeting Summary June 12, 2018

Welcome and Introductions

Kitty Bailey welcomed members and thanked them for their continued dedication to the ACH work. All attendees introduced themselves. The group reviewed the May 1, 2018 meeting minutes and one change was requested. The minutes will be revised to indicate that the group was comfortable stating the SD ACH has made progress in a number of areas but that not all milestones have been achieved.

The group briefly discussed the pre-reading article and the role of the backbone. Kitty then provided an update on the Alliance Healthcare Foundation I2 grant process indicating that the foundation had decided against considering the SD ACH for funding because of their existing planning grant. The group discussed the difficulty of building and maintaining trust in the community without sustainable funding. At the conclusion members requested that the group continue the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion conversation as it is important to align all work with these concepts.

Review of the FAQ Document

Christy Rosenberg presentedthe draft FAQ document and requested feedback. The group agreed thatthe document isa good startand it will be important to continue building a shared terminology across sectors. Members asked that the terms SDOH, population health,and community healthbe added tothe document. Members also commented that the current draft assumes a level of knowledge that some audiences might not have. It was suggested that several versions be created depending on the audiences we are trying to reach and that they include an“elevator pitch” that can be used to describe the initiative more effectively. Staff agreed to continue to work on the document as part of the overarching communication strategy and to share with representatives of the different groups for additional input.

Discuss the Role of the Stewardship Group

EricaOsborne reviewed the role of the Stewardship Group and members held a robust discussion about the group’s purpose, membership and decision-making authority.The group considered whether there are sectors/individuals still missing around the table and how best to balance ensuring representation while still getting work done. One member expressed a desire to have more community members impacted by cardiovascular health issues at the table to ensure their perspective is heard. It was also mentioned that the current meeting time makes it difficult for some members to consistently attend.  At the conclusion of the discussion, the group requested that the staff develop a draft set of participation guidelines to be brought back to the next meeting for consideration. 

Review and Discuss the Next Steps in the POI Process

Cheryl Moder briefly reviewed the Collective Action Workgroups (CAWG) charter and walked the group through the POI process. Rosa Ana Lozada then introduced the draft survey to the group, describing the thoughtful process the CAWG went through in creating the draft. The survey was described as a readiness assessment and a first step in identifying those programs to be included in the POI. The group provided input and asked that staff to explorewhether it would be possible to piggyback the survey onto the existing 2-1-1 survey. They also requested the language after questions 7 and 8 be changed so that those respondents whose programs do not address one of the protective factors/fourdomains are directed to a page that provides more information on the SD ACH and how they can continue to be involved. After careful deliberation the group agreed to approve moving forward with the survey with the discussed changes.

Closing Comments

Kitty thanked the group for their participation and thoughtful consideration. She invited everyone to the next Stewardship Group meeting scheduled on August 14, 2018 from 2:00 –4:00 pm and closed the meeting.

Date and Time

June 12, 2018 02:00 pm
June 12, 2018 04:00 pm

ACHs build on prior efforts to coordinate and integrate various organizations, programs and services by linking their activities together in a coherent and reinforcing portfolio of interventions across five key domains.