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August 14, 2018 - Stewardship Group Meeting Summary

August 14, 2018 at 02:00 pm

San Diego Accountable Community for Health Stewardship Group Meeting Summary August 14, 2018

Welcome and Introductions

Kitty Bailey welcomed committee members and thanked them for their continued dedication to the SDACH work. All attendees introduced themselves. Minutes from the June 12, 2018 Stewardship Group meeting were introduced and accepted with no changes.

Community Resident Engagement Workgroup Charter
Elizabeth Bustos provided an overview of the Community Resident Engagement Workgroup (CREW) and brought forward the charter for possible action. She pointed out that there is a solid bridge between CREW and the Stewardship Group with Diane Moss, Rosa Ana Lozada, and Reverend Gerald Brown sitting on both. The group then held a robust discussion on how to ensure that the resident voices inform all of the work going forward. Members talked about the importance of having the difficult conversations, using vocabulary that is accessible and meaningful to the community, and ensuring the SD ACH not only provide information but also learn from those community members who will be impacted by the work being done. At the conclusion of the discussion, the workgroup members decided to bring the charter back to the workgroup for additional discussion around the core values.

Preliminary Results of the Portfolio of Interventions Survey
Cheryl Moder presented the preliminary results of the Portfolio of Interventions Survey. She reviewed some of the key considerations in designing the survey and described how the Collective Action Workgroup envisions the results being used. She explained the will assist in identifying gaps in services, programs that represent the greatest opportunity to integrate current efforts and resources, as well as prospects for new partnerships.
To date 59 organizations with 88 programs have responded to the survey. While these results appear promising, the Collective Action Workgroup (CAW) has decided to do priority outreach to specific groups that appear underrepresented to build up the strength of the survey. These groups include:
• Clinical providers
• Health advocacy organizations
• Smoking cessation providers
• Non-profit organizations
• School districts
• Early care & education providers
• Businesses

Ms. Moder then walked the group through the preliminary findings. Respondents expressed interest in determining how to align their programs/services with organizations both within the same sector and in other sectors. A significant number indicated they are willing to share program outcome data in order to demonstrate impact and would consider adopting a new shared measurement system. They also expressed a desire for assistance and support in developing new partnerships, collecting and reporting on outcomes data, and gaining access to resources on collective impact. Ms. Moder concluded the presentation by outlining key priorities for further analyses and discussing next steps. Formal results of the survey will be presented to the Stakeholder Group on September 13, 2018.

Review and Discuss Year 3 Workplan Activities
Christy Rosenberg provided an overview of the Year 3 CACHI workplan activities as defined in the CACHI grant. She described CACHI’s overarching goals and presented the Year 3 milestones that the SDACH will be working towards over the next 12 months. She reviewed progress to date under each of the milestone categories and then explained the next steps. The group discussed how the SDACH is doing in comparison to other CACHI grantees and Ms. Rosenberg shared that overall SDACH is doing well. She indicated that many of the challenges we have experienced as an initiative are similar to those experienced by the other backbone entities. At the end of the discussion, the group approved the Year 3 Workplan Activities as presented.

Discuss draft Partnership Guidelines
The group reviewed the draft Partnership Guidelines document. They discussed the issue of quorum and how to address the issue of a fluctuating membership while ensuring the initiative is able get things done. At the end of the discussion, staff was directed to make several changes to the decision-making criteria section of the document and bring back a revised copy for final approval.

Implications of the LWSD and Alliance Healthcare Foundation Work on the SDACH
Kitty Bailey briefly discussed the work being done around a possible public-private partnership between Live Well San Diego and Alliance Healthcare Foundation. She provided a brief history of the work and explained that there is a possibility that these two entities will make a long-term investment. The group discussed the importance of the SDACH being brought into this effort and that it is critical that the Wellness Fund be integrated into the larger picture.

Closing Comments
Kitty thanked the group for their participation and thoughtful consideration. She invited everyone to the Stakeholder meeting being held on September 13, 2018 from 1:00 – 5:00 pm and closed the meeting.

Date and Time

August 14, 2018 02:00 pm
August 14, 2018 04:00 pm

ACHs build on prior efforts to coordinate and integrate various organizations, programs and services by linking their activities together in a coherent and reinforcing portfolio of interventions across five key domains.