Community & Resident Engagement

July 12, 2018 - Community Resident Engagement Workgroup Meeting

July 12, 2018 at 01:00 pm

San Diego Accountable Community for HealthCommunity Resident Engagement Workgroup Meeting July 12, 2018

Welcome and Introductions

Elizabeth Bustos welcomed the group and a brief round of introductions was held. The agenda was reviewed as was the June meeting summary which was approved as presented.

Making the Value Case for San Diego Accountable Community for Health: Presentation

Elizabeth introduced Kitty Bailey, Executive Director of Be There San Diego, the backbone organization for ACH. As backbone organization, BTSD is the neutral convener that serves as the administrative and operations arm of ACH.

Highlights of Kitty’s presentation included an overview of ACH, the Mission, Vision and Values. Our first aim on the SD ACH journey of diverting the focus from disease to wellness: achieving ideal cardiovascular health across the lifespan through prevention, education, and treatment. ACH creates meaningful partnerships between healthcare and community organizations to prevent chronic disease and save lives. By focusing on the strengths of an “upstream approach”, ACH can create better health, less disease, greater equity and generate long term savings by reducing the use of healthcare services.

The presentation also included areas of focus for the ACH workgroups:

  1. Stewardship: guides development of ACH according to the stakeholder vision;
  2. Sustainabiliy and Wellness: makes recommendations on priorities and structure of the Sustainabily and Wellness Fund;
  3. Data and Metrics: Designs and monitors an Ideal Cardiovascular Health and ACH Dashboard;
  4. Collective Action: Reviews and provides support for the collective action to support ideal cardiovascular health; guides the devopment of the region-wide Portfolio of Interventions;
  5. Community Resident Engagement: Assures rebust and inclusive participation of community residents and organizations.

SD ACH milestones and where we are in the process:

Phase 1: Aligning and Connecting, 2017 - 2018

Convene wide group of Stakeholders, Stewards, Workgroups

Building new relationships and shared understanding

Alignment on our problem statement, shared goals and desired impact

Phase 2: Learning and Designing, summer 2018

Inclusive outreach for engaged partners working across the domains and sectors to create a Robust portfolio of interventions

Map the work today as it compares to what is needed to reach goals Phase 3: Creating and Scaling, fall 2018

Create a portfolio of interventions that include,

New linkages between programs

A list of prioritized list of the gaps

Data to track progress, including progress in reducing disparities

Seek investments in the Wellness Fund for scaling

By its very nature, the ACH process will be (is) disruptive because it challenges norms and shifts power – Kitty Bailey.

SD ACH Portfolio of Interventions and Region-Wide Survey – Update & Discussion

Cheryl Moder shared that the term “Portfolio of Interventions” (POI) is a term passed down by the funders— and it can be confusing. She asked the group to instead think of POI as a network of programs and partners working together to create ideal cardiovascular health across the lifespan by coordinating and linking their work; by sharing and aligning around outcomes measures; and by together addressing gaps in the cardiovascular health prortective factors.

As discussed in previous meetings, critical to this work is the POI Survey that has just gone out to more than 400 stakeholders, including CREW. The survey is just the first step of an iterative process that will help to create an assessment of which programs and interventions are impacting cardiovascular health (our first aim) and are willing to create new partnerships. Through the lens of the ACH Cardiovascular Health Protective Factors, the survey will help identify strengths and gaps in interventions. It will be a tool for service mapping and most importantly, a readiness assessment to identify groups who are ready to partner in new and innovative ways.

CREW members were encouraged to forward the survey to organizations and partners; to be ambassdors for the survey. Most importantlly, everyone: please complete the survey. Some CREW members reported not having received the survey. Contact information was verified and it will be sent.

CREW Reflections from May 31 All Workgroup Meeting

Several members of CREW participated in the May 31 all workgroup meeting. As part of that day’s programming participats were invited to reflect on the promise and solution that SD ACH is now—and could represent for the region in the future. The discussion questions:

What do you think is unique and compelling about the SD ACH solution to solving the problem? How is the SD ACH solution different than other approaches?

What is the value of the SD ACH solution: 1) to you/your organization? 2) to other partners, including those from other sectors? 3) to community residents, especially those impacted by health inequities?

What might you or other partners lose if the SD ACH solution is implemented? What elements of the current state will be disrupted and who might be dissatisfied?

What will things look like if the SD ACH is successful?

There was CREW team reporting out in May, but in this July meeting for the first time all CREW members joined in the conversation, building on ideas shared and wanting to explore how the responses could come to life in the work of CREW. It was suggested that this would be a good foundation for creating a list of recommendations to bring forth to the Stewardship Group to ensure the work moves forward with a community resident focus always in the foreground.

Next Steps

Continued discussion in August meeting about developing recommendations to bring forth to Stewardship;

Continue to identify propective CREW members and outreach outreach accordingly;

Explore CREW meeting video conferencing opportunities to ensure stakeholder participation from father regions in the County;

Eveyone invited to attend BTSD’s full-day Heart Attack and Stroke Free Summit August 1st, 2018.

Everyone invited to attend SD ACH All Stakeholder Meeting, September 13 at Sheraton Harbor Island

Date and Time

July 12, 2018 01:00 pm
July 12, 2018 03:00 pm

ACHs build on prior efforts to coordinate and integrate various organizations, programs and services by linking their activities together in a coherent and reinforcing portfolio of interventions across five key domains.