Community & Resident Engagement

January 10, 2019 - Community Resident Engagement Workgroup Meeting

January 10, 2019 at 01:00 pm

San Diego Accountable Community for HealthCommunity Resident Engagement Workgroup Meeting January 10, 2019

Welcome and Introductions

The meeting was called to order and all attendees introduced themselves before an

announcement of the new chair, Ms. Kathryn Shade with the National Conflict Resolution

Center (NCRC), was made. Elizabeth Bustos provided context to the group about her transition from Be There San Diego to the County of San Diego HHSA and explained the significance of having a CREW member facilitate the group during a significant time in the SD ACH as workgroups look to CREW for guidance on equity. Kathryn Shade introduced herself to the group and shared her experiences bringing communities together through her position at the Center for Community Cohesion, also sharing that she has seen CREW transform from the beginning stages.

The November CREW meeting summary was reviewed by the group and was unanimously

approved as a final draft to be posted on the ACH website. Makenzie Farrimond invited the

group to visit the webpage to view meeting summaries from other workgroups to get to know how their work relates with the work of CREW.

The Purpose of CREW

At the November meeting, CREW revisited the charter and discussed potential revisions for the purpose statement so that the description of the workgroup truly fit the work being done

presently. The group had considerable conversation about desired modifications and the

subcommittee met in December to review the iterations to create a new draft to bring forward

to CREW.

Original Purpose Statement: The purpose of the Community and Resident Engagement

Workgroup (CREW) is to inform and mobilize the participants of residents in support of the

vision and activities of the ACH

New Purpose Statement: The purpose of the Community and Resident Engagement Workgroup (CREW) is to ensure the resident and community voice is integrated as an essential component of the ACH and is embedded in the program, policy, and practice of all workgroups, consistent with the core values of the ACH.

CREW reviewed the new version and collectively approved it as the final purpose statement to

be added to the CREW charter. The new purpose statement will be added to the charter and

presented at other workgroup meetings so that all ACH workgroups are aware of the grounding

focus of CREW moving forward. The Stewardship Group will review the purpose statement at

the February 12 meeting

Adopting the Code of Civil Discourse

At the previous meeting during an emotional discussion regarding the most recent violent

tragedies in the news, Kathryn Shade shared an NCRC resource, the Code of Civil Discourse,

which has been adopted by governing bodies including the City of Del Mar, for guidance for

working together harmoniously. In response to CREW members requesting access to the

resource, Kathryn Shade brought hard copies to the January meeting to share with the group.

After review, the workgroup unanimously agreed to adopt the Code of Civil Discourse for CREW meetings and to present it to other workgroups, including Stewardship Group, as guiding principles to help individuals and organizations work through differences to find common ground.

2019 CREW Objectives

The group reviewed the “2019 Big Goal” for CREW: Develop, implement, and share best practice tool to guide all of the ACH work built on the initiative’s core values of accountability, equity, inclusivity, and neutrality that encompasses social and racial justice.

In an initial step towards this goal, a subcommittee was formed that agreed to meet between

CREW meetings to work on researching suitable equity tools for the SD ACH to bring back to the larger CREW meeting for discussion. Kathryn Shade and Elizabeth Bustos shared progress made by the subcommittee in December, presenting a compiled list of various equity tools that currently exist. The group reviewed several tools together and attendees were asked to share any equity tools they or their organization have access to after the meeting.

To strengthen the work done by the subcommittee and to gain vital feedback, Kathryn Shade

will present the concept of the equity tool to stakeholders on January 29th and will facilitate a

group activity calling for participants to help shape the vision for the SD ACH equity tool.

Attendees were reminded about the January 29, 2019 Stakeholder meeting, 2:00-4:30pm at the San Diego Foundation, and asked to attend if possible to ensure the CREW perspective is


2019 CREW Timeline

The group reviewed upcoming deadlines as the calendar of meetings and special dates was

announced. April 2019 is marked as a deliverable deadline for the equity tool to be presented

at the Stewardship Group.

Next Steps

The finalized CREW charter will be shared with Stewardship group on February 12th for review and approval. The charter will then be added to the CREW webpage on the website.

The Code of Civil Discourse will be presented to other workgroups as a suggestion from CREW for adoption to provide the group with guiding principles for working through differences.

CREW members will forward any additional resources to the subcommittee for review if they

come across them between meetings. The CREW subcommittee will meet in February to review feedback from the Stakeholders meeting and consider the compiled resources before bringing back recommendations for the equity tool to the CREW meeting in March.

Date and Time

January 10, 2019 01:00 pm
January 10, 2019 03:00 pm

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