Community & Resident Engagement

August 09, 2018 - Community Resident Engagement Workgroup Meeting

August 09, 2018 at 12:30 pm

San Diego Accountable Community For Health Community and Resident Activation Workgroup Meeting Thursday, August 09, 2018

Welcome and Introductions 

Elizabeth Bustos opened the meeting by welcoming present work group members. The agenda for the meeting was reviewed and the group collectively approved the July meeting summary. 

Portfolio of Interventions (POI) and Survey: Progress and Discussion 

SD ACH is creating a network of solutions called a “Portfolio of Interventions” (POI) to help improve health, wellness, and equity by maximizing the impact of health improvement efforts. Using information gathered from SD ACH partners, the POI will be used to coordinate and align activities, develop new partnerships and linkages, and communicate across all partners and sectors. The POI will also be used to inform the creation of a new “Wellness Fund” that will invest in health improvements and further advance the mission of SD ACH. 

A critical first step in the POI process is the region-wide survey questionnaire that is being implemented during the month of July. Information gathered is still being synthesized. Highlights of today’s briefing included: 

  • To date, 59 organizations have reported on 85 programs addressing the SD ACH Protective Factors.
  • Majority of respondents are from community-based, non-profit, or social service organizations.
  • Majority of respondents have indicated interest in receiving assistance with identifying new opportunities to build relationships with organizations from sectors other than their own in addition to assistance exploring new opportunities within their own own sector.

Critical questions for POI include:

            How do we assure the POI includes interventions that address CV protective factors?Are upstream and downstream and cross all ACH domains? Cross geographic areas? Cross the lifespan? Address all populations? Manifest in 

            different timeframes (short-and lon-term)? Have adequate dose (reach and strength)?

Have demonstrated outcomes and supportive data? Are evidenc-based or promising practice? 

           How can we use the information from the survey (along with further analysis) to identify: gaps in key areas; opporunities for aligment and coordination across programs and sectors; opportunities to inegrate current efforts and resources; prospects for new partneships and linkages; 

            How can the POI help SD ACH build on the strenth of existing resources and support mutual reinforcement to achieve collective impact? 

Next steps in the POI process include prioritizing for targeted outeach: Who is missing by SD ACH domain? By age group? By geographic location? By other factors? What additional information do we need? CREW members suggesed specific outreach to these additional entities: 

  • County and city libraries 
  • School districts (currently revising their wellness programs – opportune time for focus on programs) 
  • City commissions: e.g. neighborhood groups (example: Chula Cista Wellness Commission, Encanto Planning Group) 
  • Law enforcement from all regions of the county 
  • Graduates of the Resident Leadership Academy who are working on existing programs now 
  • North county health centers and non-profits 
  • North county organizations, in general. 

Some CREW members suggested the importnace of focusing now on leverage existing efforts to enhance impact, then later on the the POI can lead to the creation of new interventions. Others noted the importance of emphasizing the “newness” of the wellness fund so that the community does not think there is immediate funding for new interventions, inadvertently causing conflict and competion among stakejolders

Additional information about the POI and survey findings will be presented at the September 13th SD ACH Stakeholder meeting. 

Development of CREW Recommendations 

Elizabeth provided the group with the CREW discussion notes from the visioning exercise held at the SD ACH all-workgroup meeting of May 31st. The exercise asked participants to reflect on the SD ACH and through the “CREW Lens” respond to the following questions about the initiative: 1) What is unique and compelling about ACH; 2) What is its value; 3) Who loses and what is disrupted; and 4) What would success look like? On May 31 CREW responses included general phylosophies and aspirations. At today’s meeting the consensus was that with deeper discussion this “framework of aspirations” could be developed into formal recommendations 

for submission to the Stewardship Work Group group to guide the work of SD ACH. Next step: reconvene CREW for a planning meeting to begin the work of developing these recommendations. A meeting date at the end of August was suggested. This and other dates will be vetted throughou the CREW membership. 

The CREW Commitment 

Throughout today’s discussion the importance of protecting CREW meetings as a safe space for open, honest conversation was underscored. SD ACH Core Values of Equity, Inclusivity, Neutrality an Accoutabilty mean that the painful root causes of inequities and racism must be tackled head-on with great care, compassion and trust. CREW has a responsibility to lead the way for civil discourse throughout the SD ACH stakeholder network and the commuity at-large. Today, participants reflected on the uniqueness of CREW and its “potential to create some really special, lasting change for the region”. 

CREW “Transitions” 

Ms. Myleen Abuan announced her imminent departure from Samahan Health to a position at County HHSA. Myleen will be missed! CREW celebrates her as consumate community champion. In her new role she will strengthen HHSA with her authentic voice and expert advocacy and knowledge about community residents. She will be a “bridge “ for real and necessary conversations. Thank you Myleen! 

Next Steps 

Everyone was invited to attend the September 13th Stakeholder Meeting from 2:00pm to 5:00pm in place of the regularly scheduled CREW meeting that day. Formal invitations for the meeting will go out the week of August 13th

Elizabeth will begin vetting dates for the CREW planning session to further discuss development of recommendations for submisison to Stewardship Work Group. She will also continue to do outreach to North County stakeholders and explore options/opportunities for greater participaton in CREW. 

Date and Time

August 09, 2018 12:30 pm
August 09, 2018 02:30 pm

ACHs build on prior efforts to coordinate and integrate various organizations, programs and services by linking their activities together in a coherent and reinforcing portfolio of interventions across five key domains.