Collective Action

October 04, 2018 - Collective Action

October 04, 2018 at 12:30 pm

San Diego Accountable Community for Health Collective Action Meeting Summary

 Welcome and Introductions 

Cheryl welcomed the group and went over the meeting agenda. Introductions were made around the room. 

Review Agenda and Meeting Summary 

Cheryl reviewed the meeting summary from the September meeting. The meeting summary was approved to be posted to the website. 

Updates: ACH Workgroups 

  • Data & Metrics Workgroup: The workgroup has been developing secondary indicators for each of the protective factors. Secondary indicators have been established for wellbeing and nutrition and are being developed for physical activity, healthy weight, and smoking. 
  • Community Resident Engagement Workgroup (CREW): Elizabeth Bustos reported that the CREW workgroup’s draft charter was presented to the SD ACH Stewardship Group, where a robust discussion about equity led to a request for further consideration and clarification by the workgroup. Issues raised included ways that race and culture influence our work, how expectations to put forth resources may not be realistic or meet with the capacity of smaller organizations, and how the SD ACH can create an environment of safety where people can speak their minds freely and honestly. 
  • Stakeholders Group: Over 100 participants attended the meeting on September 13, 2018. Kitty provided an overall update of SD ACH goals to date. She presented progress in identification of primary and secondary data indicators, introduced plans to reach out to POI partners who have expressed interest in sharing data, and discussed work underway to build data communications. Partners joined an interactive exercise designed to identify existing data needs. (Jeffrey expressed the desire to bring results of the data group activity to Healthy San Diego.) Cheryl provided an overview of POI survey results and presented next steps related to POI dimensions including plans to conduct capacity building trainings for SD ACH partners. A second group activity focused on identifying areas of training needs and strengths among partners. The meeting was followed by a hosted happy hour. 

Portfolio of Interventions 

Cheryl presented high-level survey results and reviewed the “ideal” POI document, which will be shared with all CACHI partners at the upcoming annual statewide meeting. Comments included the importance of developing new partnerships and focusing on young children and prenatal care. 

Kitty presented the multiple dimensions of the POI, along with recommended next steps for each dimension: 

Comments and discussion included:

Mutually reinforcing

• We need to develop an evaluative process to measure mutual reinforcement.

• Alaina mentioned that CIE is tracking new linkages, which could provide a learning opportunity.

• Carey mentioned a new platform being used by County Behavioral Health to improve access by students to behavioral health services.

Strong and impactful

• The group decided to maintain responsibility for making recommendations to the Stewardship Group about capacity building training for SD ACH partners.

• Feedback from the POI survey and recent Stakeholders Group meeting will be shared at our next workgroup meeting to inform next steps and recommendations.

Community accountability

• The group discussed the need to ensure that the POI continues to be informed by CREW. This will be a topic at the next CREW meeting.

• Rosa Ana reminded the group that there are multiple ways to engage community partners and that we need to address all constituents.

• CREW is working on a health equity tool, which should be used by all SD ACH workgroups to ensure accountability.


• Rosa Ana mentioned that in creating the POI, we need to identify strengths along with gaps and opportunities. Kitty suggested that we look for high-leverage points where we can make changes that result in increased impact.

• Rosa Ana suggested that once a geographic region has been selected, we prioritize one cardiovascular protective factor that the community is already working on.

• Partner readiness is crucial to the selection of a specific geographic region for a POI pilot.

• The group discussed the possibility of focusing pilot efforts in a region in North County, as there are long-standing robust partnerships already in place. Alliance for Regional Solutions and Live Well San Diego’s Community Leadership Team were mentioned as two possible partners in this work.

• The group decided to create an ad hoc subcommittee to plan, test, and refine the pilot in North County. The subcommittee will meet separately and report back to the CAW at subsequent meetings.

Next Meeting

The North County subcommittee will meet in November in lieu of a full workgroup meeting. The next workgroup meeting will be determined at a later time.

Date and Time

October 04, 2018 12:30 pm
October 04, 2018 02:30 pm

ACHs build on prior efforts to coordinate and integrate various organizations, programs and services by linking their activities together in a coherent and reinforcing portfolio of interventions across five key domains.