San Diego Accountable Community for Health
Unleashing the power of partnerships

Research shows that medical care accounts for 10% of health outcomes. Other factors contribute up to 90% to a person’s health, including race, socio-economic status and the environment. A new collaboration, called Accountable Communities for Health (ACH), tackles the contributing factors to health at one time and develops approaches to wellness.

More than 100 leaders from many fields started meeting in April of 2016 to form the San Diego ACH. Their mission is to create a wellness system that ensures individuals, families, and communities have access to all they need to create a lifetime of health and wellness. They are driven by a vision of health, wellness and equity for all, regardless of zip code.

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ACHs build on prior efforts to coordinate and integrate various organizations, programs and services by linking their activities together in a coherent and reinforcing portfolio of interventions across five key domains.